EXCLUSIVE: Bestway launches its biggest ever promotional scheme

Best-one Sunbury

Bestway is launching its biggest ever promotional scheme to help retailers buy, sell and earn more.

The Core Connect programme, running across Batleys and Bestway from April, will build on last year’s ‘Core’ scheme with the opportunity for retailers to earn a minimum rebate of 3% on all Core Connect promotional products. There is also an online rebate store which will encourage retailers to gain additional cash back.

The programme is open to all registered Bestway and Batleys customers – including Best-one retailers who have their own additional My Rewards rebate scheme. It applies to all sales of promotional products whether purchased online via click & collect, delivered or in depot sales.

Each retailer will be able to view all their purchases online and will be offered a series of further rebates based on further investment into volume and range deals. This offers scope to increase the customer’s rebate significantly.

Bestway group trading director Martin Race told Retail Express that the scheme is a good way of using online to widen the appeal and audience for retail promotions.

He said: “I think you have to be multichannel. A lot of it is generational. In the old days people used to love to come to cash and carry and they know the staff. Lots of people still do that but younger people are much more into social media – press a button and order the product.”


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