Better staff morale means hundreds in extra profit

Improving morale in convenience stores in line with the national average would increase profits and basket spend, according to analysis by RN.

Boosting staff morale in convenience stores in line with the national average would boost profits and basket spend, according to analysis by RN.

Based on the last 30 store staff reviews left for each symbol group and multiple retailer on glassdoor.co.uk, only staff at Bargain Booze and Sainsbury’s rated their workplace above the national average.

The convenience fascias received a score of three stars out of five, 13.3% lower than the UK average. Research titled Employee Satisfaction and Corporate Performance in the UK published by the University of East Anglia earlier this year, suggests closing the gap would add £635.24 to an average store’s annual gross profit (based on an average gross margin of 20%). Raising staff feedback by one star would add £1,602.63.

The most frequently mentioned topics by convenience store staff in rating their employer were wages, flexibility, rota notice period, career development and management quality. There was no statistical significance in the ratings given to independent and chain stores.

The link between these topics and store performance is supported by a separate analysis of convenience stores that took part in the Independent Achievers Academy 2018.

Stores that reward staff based on customer service or sales performance have 7.97% higher basket spend than the average, while shops that set rotas seven or more days in advance have 16.96% higher basket spend. Those who give staff feedback at least once every three months have 5.8% higher basket spend than those who do not give feedback.

Commenting on the findings, Binu Mahal from Arnold Road Premier Stores in Nottingham, said: “Advantages from high staff morale can be seen throughout any business, but especially a convenience store. It shapes the customer’s experiences and that connection is a major USP for any independent. It’s the reason people shop for longer and visit more often.”

Some symbol groups including Best-one, Premier and Lifestyle Express were not included due to a lack of available data.

Average staff satisfaction ratings

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