Do you use promotions in the best possible way?  In the lastest insight from Retail Newsagents “Symbol Spy” feature shopper psychologist Philip Adcock takes a look at what promotions work and what don’t

Mr Adcock is impressed as we visit each store that promotions aren’t being over used. As we venture round the Premier store, he says: “In the first aisle there isn’t one offer, in the second there are two and there is an offer on Tyskie beer in the alcohol aisle.” Using promotions sparingly means you are not devaluing the rest of your offer. Mr Adcock does say, however, that where promotions are available, they should be attention-grabbing: “If you’re only going to have a few offers, you have to make as much out of them as possible,” he says.

What can you do?

Mr Adcock says that the few promotions you should be running will benefit from being secondary sited on the ends of aisles or with posters outside.