Easyjet owner Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou was forced to close his new discount outlet EasyFoodstore today after the shop ran out of stock.

The neighbourhood-sized store opened on February 2, offering a basic range of products at “rock-bottom prices”, including Booker’s own label Euroshopper line.

But huge demand prompted by EasyFoodstore’s opening offer of all items being priced at just 25p led to the company issuing a statement on its website that it had closed for the duration of February 4.

It said: “EasyGroup and the team at EasyFoodstore regret to announce that we will remain closed for one day tomorrow February 4 and expect to open with business as usual on February 5 at 9am.

“The reason for this store closure is that due to the huge publicity that our 25p promotion has attracted, we have had queues of customers coming to shop today (February 3) and hence we sold out all our stock of food items today.”

Prices at the store, which is in Park Royal, north London, will eventually rise in March to around 50p each, but the company said the plan is to launch a concept that sits in between food banks and discount retailers.