DHL will not be handling Amazon parcels as part of its takeover of the Pass My Parcel delivery service, retailers have told RN. 

Graeme Pentland, president of the NFRN's Northern district, said he discovered the change after being told of it by a customer.

An email from Amazon to Mr Pentland's customer read: "This is a reminder that from 16 August you will no longer be able to send your Amazon parcels to Ashburton Village Store. This address has now been removed from your Amazon address book."

Mr Pentland said: "I'm really disappointed. Amazon represents 70% of my parcel service. The worst part is I wasn’t even informed myself, instead I had to find out from a customer."

The email said customers can use alternative locations to pick up parcels. "They are advising people to use alternative shops which is diverting people away from mine," he said. 

NFRN president Mike Mitchelson said he will be challenging DHL at their next meeting. “This is disappointing because customers would have been hoping DHL, as a specialist parcel company, would be able to expand the business through these outlets,” he said. “We are awaiting a meeting with DHL, so we will be chasing this up with them.”

Last week, retailers received a letter from Smiths News confirming terms of the deal. "It was confirmed our margins would remain the same, which I was relieved about, as that was one of my biggest concerns," said Mr Pentland. 

"It did say DHL would only be dealing with UK Mail and DHL Mail from 9 August, but it didn't actually say Amazon would be removed," he added. 

Customers have been told they can continue to use their retailers to return any orders before their window expires. 

DHL had not provided a comment by the time RN went to print.

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