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IAA award-winner Sunder Sandher of S&S One Stop is taking in-store technology to another level with digital name badges and a camera that monitors what his customers are up to.

Installed in his Leamington Spa store, the camera tracks a range of statistics such as the number of people that walk past the store without entering and the amount of time customers spend inside.


“We noticed that there are a lot of potential customers walking past our store between 6am and 7am, so from next week we’re going to trial opening up earlier,” Sandher said.

The monitor also allows retailers to track queue times and can be linked to EPoS systems to provide an insight into what people buy at certain times and in what weather.

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He has also introduced digital nametags for staff that display welcome messages and in-store deals. The deals can be changed from the One Stop website by plugging it into a laptop and saving new promotions on it.

The battery lasts for the entire working day and can be charged overnight.

“I’ve had a lot of calls from other retailers about them already, and customers love it,” he added.

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By Chris Dillon 30 Jul, 2015



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