A Nottingham retailer is cleaning up with a revolutionary new concept to increase custom and footfall – a laundrette outside his store. Steven Lambert reports

If there’s one thing that can be said about Nottingham retailer Kuldeep Singh Lalli, it is that he is not afraid of taking risks.

The owner of Premier Southglade Convenience Store in Bestwood is willing to give anything a fair crack if it means he can better meet the needs of his customers – even if that means opening a self-service launderette outside his shop.

With extra space in the car park in front of his 1,500sq ft business, Kuldeep has decided to open a unit housing two washing machines and a dryer in a bid to attract extra footfall and attention to the shop.

 <figcaption>Make more of promotions and plan future ones by making good use of your EPoS data</figcaption>” width=”174″ height=”300″> Make more of promotions and plan future ones by making good use of your EPoS data</figure><p>The Revolution Launderette, as it is called, was created by French company Photo-Me – better known for its range of photo booths – which approached Kuldeep to talk about taking the concept to the UK.</p><p>The retailer was impressed with what he saw: “I had a think about it and thought, ‘why not?’</p><p>“We are close to a council estate and residential housing, and we’re also opposite a health centre and swimming pool, so we get a big mix of regular trade who may need to get something washed quickly.</p><p>“Also, if someone’s washing machine breaks down, they know that they can always come here in an emergency.”</p><p>The service runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with users paying £4 for a standard 8kg wash or £8 for an 18kg wash, with the latter ideal for larger items such as duvets and sheets.</p><p>Both machines offer a range of temperatures and spin cycles that can be accessed from a digital screen and, for those in a hurry, a spin in the 18kg dryer costs £1.</p><p>The unit is already causing a bit of a stir in the area, and has even led to Kuldeep being featured in local and national press.</p><p>[pull_quote_right]We have some space on the site that is not being used, and I’m talking to the council about setting up a fish and chip shop and a hairdressers[/pull_quote_right]</p><p>He says: “Not everyone has been convinced yet, but we have had a few people who have used it a couple of times and business is starting to pick up. It has definitely got people talking.”</p><p>This extra attention is more important than you may think, considering Kuldeep has to contend with a 24-hour Tesco just 10 minutes from his store.</p><p>He says: “We know we can’t compete with them directly so we have to do things a bit differently.”</p><p>With the majority of his customers looking for value-for-money lines, Kuldeep says he has paid close attention to Booker’s three-weekly promotions, and stocks the vast majority of the group’s Euro Shopper own label range to show he is a destination for affordable goods.</p><p>He adds that he is also planning to extend his floor space to 2,000sq ft, which will allow him to expand his range of chilled and frozen foods to appeal to a wider range of shoppers.</p><p>But, ever one to spot new opportunities, Kuldeep also has further ambitions to grow his retail estate.</p><p>He says: “We have some space on the site that is not being used, and I’m talking to the council about setting up a fish and chip shop and a hairdressers.</p><p>“We don’t have either of these nearby and it’s something that our customers have been asking for.</p><p>“And with the health centre nearby and the car park in front, I think we’ll get a lot of people looking to use them. I’ve put in a planning application and I’m just waiting to hear back.”</p><p>With this combination of services, ranging from the unique to the functional, Kuldeep is aiming to make his retail site a one-stop shop to suit everyone – something that he thinks will put his competition into a bit of a spin.</p><p> </p><h2>Visit my store</h2><p><iframe style=