Premier St Mary's Supermarket Southampton

Premier St Mary’s Supermarket

110 St Mary’s Road, Southampton, SO14 0AN

2,800sq ft

Premier St Mary’s Supermarket in Southampton has been around for 40 years, but that doesn’t stop the store from constantly pushing to improve.

“My parents set up a small post office here in 1980,” says Meten Lakhani, who now runs the store with his mum and his wife. “Since then we’ve had a number of refits, the post office has gone and the business has grown into a 2,800sq ft store.”

Keeping the right balance between expansion and strong customer relationships has been vital.

“We’re the size of a Tesco Metro, but it’s crucial we find the time to keep that rapport going with our customers. There are people who’ve been shopping here for years and it’s important to speak to them and find out what they think about the store.”

St Mary’s Supermarket customer base is a diverse one – the city centre store is close to the university, as well as offices, schools and much more. “It’s a mix between transient trade who have forgotten their toothbrushes and regulars,” reveals Meten....

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