Location: Penrhyn Bay, Llandudno

Key categories: Newspapers, wine, local produce

Annual turnover: £700.000 (excluding lottery)

Average basket: £5

My store was originally a CTN, but nine years ago we decided to move into convenience and expanded to become a Premier.

To a certain extent, we’ve stuck to our roots – we still do more than 300 deliveries – but we also have a strong wine section and promote local produce, such as cheese and bread from an artisan bakery.

These local products are big sellers for us. Our artisan bread is amazing and we have local pies and Welsh cheese, chocolate and whisky too, so we play on those strengths. We add new products to keep people interested and had an eight-grain loaf in stock last week, for example.

We also make meeting the needs of our customers a priority. We’re very friendly and try to communicate well with them to find out what they want.

Many of them are retired, but we also have a caravan park to the back of us, so people come in every day. We serve younger adults too, who come in for our wines, and school children.

We have to make sure we’re competitive on price because we have very limited car parking outside and we’re off-road in a parade of shops. But what we’re doing is working and we average around 650 customers per day, with a basket spend of around £5, making an annual turnover of more than £700,000 excluding lottery.

We’re trying to build on this by accommodating requests where we can and making a note of products people want which aren’t in stock.

Next, we want to develop the business by getting people to notice it online. We’ve got a Facebook page but we want to do more with it over the summer, like holding competitions for youngsters for the football and a local photography competition which we can also showcase on Facebook.