Dean Holborn – Holborn’s, Redhill and South Nutfield, Surrey

We refurbished our Redhill store this year and one of the things which we upgraded was our EpoS system so that there are front-facing screens. We already had them in our other store and customers love them because they can see the cost of each item as well as when they save money from promotions. I’ve worked with our EpoS supplier PCMS to do this and this new in-store tech is very cost effective.

Another piece of technology I’ve brought to the store recently has been free wi-fi for customers. I’ve worked with a company called Purple Wi-Fi (read a profile of the company in our 26 December Retail Technology feature) and they’re able to give us a lot of information on our customers and what they’re looking for.

It’s very early days but it’s something I think is going to be very valuable during 2015 as our customers get used to being able to use it.