Celebrating a quarter of a century in showbusiness this year, Mariah Carey has built a business empire that extends well beyond the recording career that first brought her fame. Is there anything you can learn for your store from her?

A hugely-successful perfume and beauty products range has been providing the New York-born singer with a hefty additional revenue stream for well over a decade and the video to her 2010 single Oh Santa! Doubled as advert for her products.

She is also adept at making the most of opportunities available to her, taking home a mighty $18m for starring a judge in one series of American Idol. An upcoming residency in Las Vegas will see her reportedly paid “lots more” than the $30m Britney Spears earned for her recent two year residency.

Key achievements

  1. In a hugely-successful career she has broken many records including the longest-running number one record in US history, One Sweet Day.
  2. Using her brand and business skills to build a popular fragrance range – a career move that has since been imitated by everyone from David Beckham to Ariana Grande.
  3. Responsible for one of the most popular Christmas songs of all time: All I want for Christmas is you.

Lessons for your store

Know your worth – Mariah Carey knows that her mere presence can attract audiences and charges for her time accordingly.

Use your success as a base – ever since she found fame the singer has been looking for opportunities to use her fame to earn more money.

Generosity brings goodwill – for all her millions, Mariah Carey has been widely recognised and praised for charitable work from the children’s charity Make a Wish Foundation to the appeal in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.