When looking back over my notes for a story on the low-alcohol drinks trend, I came across a part where Amandeep Singh told us he had surveyed the customers at his Family Shopper store in Barnsley to find out what lines his customers wanted. 

We’ve done a similar exercise in the past few months at Retail Express. We’ve been very busy behind the scenes asking a range of retailers in the Retail Express Forum what they want from us. 

The top three things that our readers want to read about might not surprise you. Retail success stories came first with 76% of votes, new products 75%, and new revenue ideas ranked third at 65%.

The importance of these three things cannot be understated and in the coming months we will make sure that our product news section, under our new features editor Uldduz Sohrabi, reflects these better.

This will include bringing alcohol news into our main product news section where we’ll focus on promoting the new products that matter to you earlier in the issue.
We will make sure that Retail Express is a quick read to help you on your journey to a more successful store.

We regularly give the advice to our readers to make sure every inch of your store is working as hard as possible – and we apply that thinking to ourselves, too.

As we evolve the newspaper this year, your feedback will be invaluable. The Retail Express Facebook forum is growing every week and the discussions on it are inspiring. 

Search ‘Retail Express Forum’ on Facebook and let us know your thoughts.