VIDEO: Watch a Dalek advance on Tywardreath Village Shop

Read how Trudy Thompson's Tywardreath Village Shop became the victim of the daleks

Tywardreath Village Shop was the victim of a terrifying alien attack last month as a Dalek caught the attention of unsuspecting customers.

The motorised Doctor Who prop was driven down to the Cornwall store by store manager Tom Larkin’s neighbour, where shoppers were able to pose with it
for photos.

The sighting caused a buzz on social media and landed them coverage in local press.
Co-owner Trudy Thompson told Retail Express the arrival of the Dalek drove footfall and interest in the shop.

“Our customers loved it. Most people seem to know about it, even if they are not on social media,” she said.

The Dalek reappeared for a second time at the store on September 1 for customers who missed it the first time.

“We don’t have a plan for social media, but we do know how to engage people and get them inspired. This is the benefit of working closely with talented people in your community.”


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