“Question and challenge everything that you do. This is critical for the success of your business”, business expert Jeff Grout told retailers at the 2013 Independent Achievers Academy launch on 17April.

More than 50 leading people from the trade, including symbol group and non-affiliated retailers, heard Mr Grout launch the IAA, which across nine months helps retailers improve their sales and profits.

“Does how you run your business need to change to fit in with the changing environment around you? Do you know how to change it?” challenged Mr Grout. “Change keeps you ahead of your competition. You must do it before you have to.”

Leading recruitment specialist Jeff Grout tells retailers and sponsors how to get the most from their team

The Academy helps retailers to identify their strengths and challenges them to make the most of them. The feedback from the launch showed that Mr Grout was successful in this.

“I have so many ideas to take back to my shop, and a lot to think about,” said Tess Flower, of The Village Shop in East Sussex. “It is refreshing to go to an event where the advice I have been given is relevant and implementable to my business.”

The Academy’s Guide to Better Sales and Profits includes 59 ideas from successful retailers that you can use in your shop and is available free with Retail Newsagent on 26 April and on line at iaacademy.co.uk.

To make the most for your shop, you can also speak to Caroline Cronin on 020 7689 3369 about how you can take part.