After growing up tnt, explosiveson Sundays afternoon cartoons I always equated TNT with a huge explosion followed by a raggedy character emerging with a rueful expression on their sooty face, but then I attended the inaugural Local Shop Summit and Philip Hesketh changed my mind. That’s what top motivational speakers do, they change your thoughts and inspire you to think or act differently.

Philip Hesketh, author of How to persuade and influence people, gave us fascinating facts and figures about retail environments using language we could all understand. He has certainly influenced me, I now even stock his book for sale.

So why is TNT different now?  Well it  now means to me Tiny Noticeable Things. It took me a while to get the concept but once the explosion had happened in my head, it really makes sense. Why do you go back to your favourite place? Because it has the TNT factor.

Take our store. The grass is cut outside every 7- 10 days, we paint the exterior of the building regularly, bins are emptied every three days, bird feeders outside are topped up regularly so you can appreciate the nature around you, the external plant display is checked daily for condition and watered, all before you even put a foot inside our store. It’s all these Tiny Noticeable Things that get the big explosion in your customer’s mind because they know they are valued too