internet, retailer, local, convenience, websiteI have been blogging about the things that impact my daily life as a village retailer on Village Counter Talk for more than three years. Last week I was asked by our dry cleaner if he could put a link to our shop website from his.

We didn’t have one!

Not to miss the opportunity I have put together this site on Blogger. It’s quite a simple process, just set up a Google account and you’re off. My shop website is pretty basic so far, but I have our opening times and I am building a record of the services that we provide. I have a digital camera and a scanner which help with adding my own images to the site. Over the next few weeks I will be developing it further.

Clearly I am not the first to use a Blog to promote a business, but I would recommend the format as a platform for your business. You can set it up yourself and the domain is free.

After having my shop site live on the internet for 3 days a customer told me that she had looked at it and would be posting a comment as soon as I allowed them. Great feedback.