What’s your favourite one liner? No, I don’t mean the one about crime in multi-storey car parks being wrong on so many levels. You mean you don’t have them? Then I think you’re missing out.

This week I sat down with the communications guys from Concha y Toro wines – makers of Casillero del Diablo and Isla Negra, among other brands.

They told us about how they have changed their approach around selling wine. The category is crowded and fragmented, so they have altered the way they think to be more strategic. It’s about an education process.

The opportunity that wine presents for retailers is huge – and this is particularly true in independent convenience stores. But forget about brands for one second. Think about occasions.

Who is coming into your store to buy wine? Are they male or female, younger or older? Is it Tuesday night or Friday night? All of these things matter. Imagine you’ve got a young man coming in, looks like he’s off to a dinner party. He’s in a hurry. “You want a posh-looking wine so you don’t look like an idiot, right mate?”

An older woman comes in, she’s browsing. “What’s it for?” you ask her. “Your family is coming round for Sunday dinner so you’d like something light for your daughter and son-in-law?”

A group of girls come in. Friday night, wanting something to ‘pre-load’ back in the flat with. “Alright girls. White wine, nice and sweet? Just the thing.”

Imagine adding ‘Try this’ to the end of all of those sentences. You look like an expert. One-liners about the key brands, usually the bestsellers – which you will be familiar with but the majority of consumers really won’t, despite wanting to – and you’re in charge, and you’ve sold a good bottle of wine AND made the customer think more of you.

Chances are they will come back because you won’t have sold them a dud – bestsellers generally aren’t duds – and they will trust you. You’ve built in repeat purchases.

Shelf-edge labels can explain history, heritage and tasting notes. But hearing it from a human makes a huge difference. Get your one liners spot on.