leaflet, promotion, shop, steve, denham, cherilyn, storesWe have been using regular leaflets to advertise our shop to our customers for nearly 15 years. We started off with a weekly issue, but now produce one a couple of times a month. The process is simple as I produce the ‘artwork’ on my computer and reproduce the leaflet on our shop photocopier. We then distribute them with the Saturday morning newspapers.

We know that they are helpful to the success of our business because customers react to the offers that we promote. It’s very satisfying to see customers with a leaflet in hand when they come shopping.

Recently I took a phone call from a customer wanting to know if we could supply 200 bottles of wine that we had advertised on a leaflet for his company’s employees. A wonderful opportunity that our wholesaler was able to help with. The customer got his wine and we have an unexpected £900 in our till. Brilliant!