Retail Newsagent makes things happen for your business.  Over the past three weeks, we have been following up with retailers who wrote to our letters page with a problem and were promised a resolution by a supplier, publisher or wholesaler.

Of the 10 retailers we spoke to, eight had received positive action as a result of RN getting involved.  This ranged from arranging conversations with news wholesalers to discuss supplies to facilitating visits from manufacturer representatives.

Two retailers are even now part way through getting their much-desired Camelot Lotto terminals installed after we publicised their cases.  Please note though, we can’t work magic with lottery applications and no promises are made about future success.

This week, Adarsh Chauhan says he received a long-awaited visit from his Wrigley rep a matter of days after writing in.

RN champions the issues independent retailers care most about and gives you a voice i the trade.  You write to us because you want to positively influence your future and aren’t happy to sit back and simply accept your lot.

This is why our letters page is so vibrant and packed full of wide-ranging issues.  Not every trade magazine can make these claims.

The fact that 80% of the promises made to you in the responses to letters resulted in direct action shows that the industry respects us and takes action on what we write.

So if you’ve got something that you think we can help with then get in touch with the Retail Newsagent team via or use the contact form here on betterRetailing.



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