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Each week industry experts share their advice for improving your store’s efficiency and profitability. In this issue energy broker Chris Sykes explains how you can avoid costly overpayments, while shopper insight specialist Jeremy Michael talks tactics for increasing customer loyalty.

Last week, however, we went further than ever to pick up tips from the most innovative retailers and suppliers – all the way to Düsseldorf for Euroshop 2014.

 Staying ahead of our competitors at the cutting edge of retail trends and technology helps you keep a step ahead of yours 

Many of the high street giants were also at the world’s biggest retail trade show to find out about the trends that will be shaping our shopping experiences for years to come. RN brings this insight direct to you in this issue and throughout the year.

This week’s news feature looks at seven trends from the show that you could be seeing in your store in the future. How do you like the sound of a mirrored tobacco gantry that reveals its contents at the click of a button?

We’ll also be following up with profiles of some of the new contacts we made in Germany – from futurologists predicting c-stores of the future to Cern-trained scientists and their behaviour-forecasting super computers – over the coming months.

Staying ahead of our competitors at the cutting edge of retail trends and technology helps you keep a step ahead of yours.