Driving to my sister’s house on Saturday morning, my phone’s message alert sounded seven times in an hour.

Who on earth is that, asked my wife. I replied that it could mean only one thing: the papers were late.

I told her about last year’s Tick Tock Where’s My Stock? campaign, in which hundreds of retailers called to register their late deliveries on our map and highlight problem areas. Now, whenever they’re late, newsagents email and tweet RN to raise the issue and hold the supply chain accountable, I said.

Last week, five former journalists returned to RN’s office for our 125th anniversary roundtable. Talking about previous campaigns, ex-news editor Simon Linacre raised an interesting point. All the circulation and marketing directors read RN and whether our campaigns were successful or not didn’t matter, he said. The real question was if we hadn’t run them, imagine the position retailers could be in now.

[pull_quote_right]My phone’s message alert sounded seven times in an hour. It could mean only one thing: the papers were late[/pull_quote_right]

For years, circulation directors managing decline would have gone to their CEOs and said a 0.5% cut to retail terms could level off the decline. But knowing RN would go after them and splash their picture on the front page encouraged them to find somewhere else in the business to apply the pressure.

If we didn’t have the voice of retailers, if we weren’t aggressively arguing your position, things could be a lot worse. Circulation directors may disagree with your views, but they need to hear them and they need to be part of their thinking.

That’s why it’s vital that you engage with our campaigns, write us letters and tell us what’s most important to you.

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