Heavy snowfall across the UK has helped increase sales for some independent retailers despite the weather causing supply problems.

Joe Williams, of the Village Store in Hook Norton, reported an additional £1,700 sales last Sunday following sudden snow showers which covered the UK overnight.

“Customers queued up half an hour before we opened because they didn’t want to be without essentials,” Mr Williams told RN. “They were stocking up in case the snow stopped them from getting anywhere. Our regular Sunday sales increased from £3,000 to £4,700.”

Mr Williams added extra deliveries from Warburtons and local suppliers helped prevent any potential supply issues caused by Blakemore being unable to reach his shop.

According to the Met Office, parts of the UK had 5cm of snow as temperatures dropped to -12°C.

Harj Gill, of the Windmill Select & Save in Birmingham, saw overall sales increase by 35%, despite a scheduled delivery from Warburtons not turning up. 

“It was one of our busiest weekends. We had additional deliveries from local suppliers and didn’t get caught out by having no stock. 

“The fact our Warburtons delivery didn’t arrive had no major effect because our sales increased by more than 35%.”

Sarj Patel, of Pasture Lane Store in Sutton Bonington, said: “We took in £600 of additional sales because customers wanted to ensure they had enough food in case the snow prevented them from getting anywhere.

“The shop was open for an extra two hours to handle the additional footfall. There were no issues with stock as we normally get our deliveries on a Wednesday and we were already well stocked from the previous week.”

A Booker spokeswoman confirmed its warehouses remained open and 97% of scheduled deliveries were completed.