Retailers are gearing up for Ramadan celebrations by introducing new lines and promotions, as well as running in-store events. 

The festival runs from 15 May to 14 June and will be observed by the UK’s three million Muslims. 

Abada Akhtar, owner of Premier Smeaton Stores in Fife, said she will broaden her range of ethnic fruits and sample dishes in store.

“We’ll introduce more exotics fruits, like mangoes, and will promote dates and Asian foods in our shop,” she added. 

Ibrahim Bahceci of Today’s Express Fulham in London, will also test new products ahead of Ramadan to find out if there is demand. 

“Ramadan is a great time to bring in new products and it helps us bridge barriers in our community,” he said. 

Suppliers are also helping retailers drive Ramadan sales. Barr Soft Drinks is rolling out a Deluxe range in Mango, Guava and Guanabana flavours to cater for the demand.

Adrian Troy, Barr Soft Drinks marketing manager, said: “Shoppers will start to stock up on supplies well ahead of Ramadan. We recommend retailers give key brands more prominence during this time.”

Convenience retailers’ share of the world foods market grows by 17% during Ramadan.