After the amazing year of sports for Great Britain that was 2012, many were expecting this year to be a bit of a letdown. But they have been proved wrong, as the UK’s sporting glory has continued with more hugely impressive wins.

Justin Rose took the winning spot at the US Open Golf, the European Athletics Team Championships were held on British soil last month, the Lions took gold in Australia, Chris Froome won the Tour de France and, of course, Andy Murray has made history with his Wimbledon win. All this glory has the potential to raise people’s spirits, encourage them to get into sport – and, most importantly for retailers, buy more sports-themed magazines.

Publisher Sport Media is making the most of the excitement with the launch of a one shot dedicated to the tennis champion. Meanwhile, Murray is also making a special appearance in The Beano on sale 24 July, in its special anniversary issue. The edition sees Murray face off against Minnie the Minx in an unforgettable game of tennis. According to its editor, they had always planned to include the tennis star in this issue, but reworked the strip to reflect his historic win.

Elsewhere in the world of magazines this week, it’s all about summer specials. Monocle’s bumper size summer newspaper Mediterraneo is on offer for eight weeks of the peak season, while young ladies have both a new sticker collection featuring boyband One Direction, plus a special edition of Girls Love to get their teeth into.

The Great Scot from Dunblane had everyone up on their feet by winning Wimbledon – this special edition will delight fans

murrayThe 77-year wait was finally over when Andy Murray took home the trophy at Wimbledon – and publisher Sport Media is riding the wave of Murray Mania with the launch of this one shot publication.

On sale from now until October and with a cover price of £4.99, Magnificent Murray is an 84-page souvenir magazine with features and photographs taken from the archives of the Daily Mirror and Daily Record newspapers, looking back at the life and career of the Scottish player. The magazine will take readers back to Murray’s early days in Dunblane, Scotland, through his early career and progress on the international circuit, to the pinnacle of world tennis.