As the first game of the Six Nations Championship kicked off earlier this month, it seemed that every other post on my Twitter feed was from a forward-thinking retailer putting their plans into action.

Larger retailers were creating dedicated displays with beers from each of the six nations, but even smaller stores were able to use posters and clever merchandising to push sales. 

You might have already thought about how you will build up to the final weekend games on March 17. If not, make sure to take a look at some of our other related articles for inspiration.

England will face Ireland in the penultimate match of the tournament, which also falls on St Patrick’s Day. What an opportunity. 

I’m reminded of a comment that Nisa retailer Amrit Singh made at our workshop last year. He spoke about creating events that could be shared on social media on a weekly basis. “Consumers are more concerned about the experience now,” he said. 

So, with more than a month to go, how can you make sure your store provides an authentic St Patrick’s Day experience? Striking green and orange displays around stacks of products is the obvious start.

But can you run a competition, sample traditional food and drink, and transform your store into the place that everyone is talking about?

 Certainly in England, Wales and Scotland, St Patrick’s Day is an opportunity that has yet to be seriously capitalised on by the multiples in a way that Easter and Christmas have. By acting now and speaking to suppliers, you can get ahead.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Don’t forget to share your ideas on Twitter with @RetailExpress