As RN reported last week, suppliers’ sales teams could play a big part in helping retailers keep up in the future. Which companies’ investment in this crucial element of retail is proving successful today?


Imperial Tobacco 

Independent retailers almost unanimously place Imperial’s sales team among their most valuable partners and it is a good job as there are an increasing number of areas where their work is vital. Not only have they needed to add vaping advice to the tobacco product insight they deliver – this year’s introduction of an illicit tobacco reporting app means they are sharing more information on fighting this crime than ever before.

Did you know?

Imperial Tobacco can date its birth in the 1700s. The forward-thinking company pioneered paid holidays and free healthcare.

Mondelez International  

RN is invited to Mondelez launch events throughout the year and our reporters get to see the effort and range of products the company makes available for seasonal events. Key to its success is in-store display, theatre and, as the company likes to say, “excitement” – and who ensures this is executed in stores in a way which best drives sales? It is the long-standing relationships many stores have with their “Cadbury rep”.​​​​​​​

Did you know?

The name Mondelez was suggested by Kraft Food employees and is a combination of the words ‘World’ and ‘Delicious’. 

Coca-Cola European Partners  

Two things have pushed this soft drinks goliath into the nominations. As the soft drinks tax neared, store owners needed questions answering and assistance adapting ranges, and CCEP reps were often the first people retailers saw to speak to. On top of this, RN investigations have highlighted the global research CCEP is doing, using reps to bring hi-tech displays into stores. It points to a long-term commitment to its sales team.​​​​​​​

Did you know?

Doncaster’s Lakeside Village was “thrilled” to host the Coca-Cola Truck last Sunday despite the heavy traffic delays it caused on arrival.

News UK 

The ‘Own the Morning’ initiative – which helps use the footfall of food to go and newspapers to encourage cross purchases – was one the big innovations (alongside Deliver My Newspaper) that provided real optimism in the newspaper category in 2017. 2018 was the year when many store owners got on board due to the News UK sales team’s help. Impressive for a category that is often dismissed as outdated.​​​​​​​

Did you know?

News UK won – among other things – Scoop of the Year and Sports Team of the Year for the Sunday Times at this year’s Press Awards.

Philip Morris

2017 saw PMI’s Iqos nominated as innovation of the year and, in 2018, national media coverage – including interviews on TV and radio with PMI’s global boss – has helped the whole heat-not-burn category appear on the verge of “breaking out”. This year has also seen PMI step up its investment in getting Iqos into stores; through its reps the company has committed to find 8,000 stores to sell the Iqos unit and the Heets sticks.

Did you know?

Iqos 3 Multi is the top-range Iqos device. There are a range of tray and sleeves, which are also available for the Iqos range.