Retailer choice awards: Footfall driver of the year 2018

The products and services that drive customers in store are particularly precious to retailers. Which one deserves special recognition this year?

The products and services that drive customers in store are particularly precious to retailers. Which one deserves special recognition this year?

Post Office

This British institution has worked hard to adapt its offer, as the pressures of a changing market and life as a private company have taken hold. But Post Office hasn’t followed the likes of Deliveroo and Uber. Instead, one of the biggest leaps of 2018 was its takeover of Payzone, which retailers hope will help it achieve its promise to be a bank, building society, currency exchange and postal delivery service all in one.  

Did you know?

Though the Post Office is a privatised company, it is currently owned by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.


The relationship between independents and Camelot has not been without its hiccups, but there has been a huge effort this year to invest in the sector and drive footfall. New games are being promoted with new PoS and, despite the fact the company is also trialling running the National Lottery from Aldi stores, many retailers feel Camelot is now more focused on helping stores to grow their sales and improve. 

Did you know?

Despite several other companies bidding to run it, Camelot has run the National Lottery uninterrupted since 1994.

Bitcoin ATM

ATM retailers report customers coming from far and wide to use Bitcoin ATMs. While the number of these cash machines remains in the low hundreds in the UK, a huge growth to as many as 10,000 in the US points to their future here. Perhaps users will be encouraged to buy something that is actually real after splashing out many thousands of pounds on their favourite virtual currency.  

Did you know?

Bitcoin’s recent arrival in the UK makes it feel new, but it is already nine years old. There is also now a wide range of cryptocurrencies in use.


The company has teamed up to help a range of retail customers in 2018. First, it partnered with eBay, growing the delivery options for customers using the online shopping goliath. Then, last month, the company announced a deal with online banking firm Monzo, which will mean users can deposit as much as £300 at PayPoint stores. Monzo said the move would give customers “more convenience and control”. 

Did you know?

PayPoint One – the company’s next-generation terminal – provides an EPoS system to many stores yet to have the capability. 

Panini Group World Cup sticker book 

The World Cup provided one of the year’s highlights, driving sales and social occasions nationwide. Collectables publisher Panini provided the PoS and packaging, which allowed football fans to collect stickers and swap Lionel Messis for Danny Roses. A bus tour between 26 May and 2 June further helped drive store visits, giving shops the chance to follow France to glory. As England progressed, stores’ sales grew and grew.

Did you know?

The world’s first sticker book was produced for the Mexico World Cup in 1970. Since then, there have been stickers for sports, movies and TV.


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