Dear MP,

Today is October 1st, one of the common commencement date for legislation so a timely question, which Acts and Regulations come in to effect today, how will they impact my business and what actions should I be taking to ensure I meet these new legal requirements?

When the portable battery recycling regulation came into effect on February 1st the DEFRA guide stated that the first thing a retailer’s risk assessment should consider was the potential for chemical leak or fire! Even with the help of one of our paper boy dad’s, a recycling professional and it took me 6 months to fully understand the risk imposed on my business. And that is an unacceptable burden as not even the HSE have got off the fence on that issue.

Governments clearly have a responsibility to manage the country, but they also have a responsibility to be fully aware of the implications and consequences of legislation and regulation. The majority of micro businesses like mine are not equipped with the capability or the manpower to discover or understand the avalanche of new regulation that falls out of Whitehall so can you help?

Steve Denham