Chuka Umunna and Vince Cable have claimed that a British exit from the EU could force prices up. Have you considered how you’d vote, and do potential higher prices worry you?

“If prices went up as a result of leaving the EU, then surely everybody would be in the same boat anyway. At the same time, I don’t necessarily want prices to go up either. I’m still undecided; as the referendum gets closer, I’ll be doing a lot more reading up on it, but it’s quite difficult – neither side is doing a particularly good job of persuading people.”

Sandeep Bains, Simply Fresh, Faversham, Kent

“You need to look at it as a business thing. If prices go up at least it’s across the board. There are two main issues: immigration and trade. It’s trade that we need to look at. In some ways, trade agreements are like having a Tesco Clubcard – you’re scared to go into other stores, but as a customer you can go where you want. We’re all customers and people will sell to you at the right price.”

Spike Millican, S&A Superstores, Uttoxeter, Staffs

“I’ve never been keen on the European union from day one. We need a common trade agreement, but as a nation I think we can negotiate that with our commonwealth partners with preferential terms to those that are currently in place. Yes, prices may go up and there will be a period of uncertainty, but in the longer term we’d be a more prosperous nation.”

Amit Patel, Belvedere News Food & Wine, Kent

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