For this week’s My Local Hero we spoke to Paul Mather about why The Old Bakehouse rolls and loaves are so popular in his shop.

paul mather- my local heroName: Paul Mather

Store: Sherston Sub Post Office

Location: Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Product: The Old Bakehouse rolls and loaves

Price: from 25p

Where did you discover them?

When we took over the shop The Old Bakehouse was already supplying it but on a much smaller scale. Then it was just a few loaves three days a week, but now we sell hundreds of rolls and loaves and they deliver six days a week. The rolls start at 25p each and a large white loaf at £1.59.

Who buys them?

A wide variety of customers come because this is a real point of difference for us and we are five miles away from any large shops. We can also change our orders so we get people reserving products if they want a set or a large amount on a certain day. We also get Lardy Cakes – a Wiltshire specialty- in.

Why are they so successful?

We never carry any products forward to the next day so people come to us because they know they will always be fresh that day. Sales have grown hugely over the years because of this and every week we sell at least 200 loaves, 300 soft white rolls and 500 other rolls. We charge the same as The Old Bakehouse shop, but we get a discount on what we buy and make our margins that way.

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