For this week’s My Local Hero we spoke to Paul Gravelle about why Churchgate Sausages are so popular in his shop.

independent convenience retailName: Paul Gravelle

Store: Gravelle’s Budgens

Location: Sawbridgeworth & Sawston, Hertfordshire

Product: Churchgate sausages

Price:  £3 for a packet of six.

Where did you discover it?

There is a local bakery based at Mayfield farm in Harlow whose products we stock and next door is the Churchgate Sausage Shop which is owned by a local man. As we were passing by we popped in and asked if they did retail packs. That was about three years ago now and we now sell about £700-worth a week with a margin of about 35%.

Who buys it?

They are popular with all our customers, especially at barbecue time as there are lots of flavours and they do mixed packs. It is very flexible and we can request different combinations of flavours including Hot Chilli and Red Pepper & Chorizo Pork. The most popular is their standard pork sausages. If there is suddenly going to be nice weather, I can just ring the shop and they will turn up with what I need, sometimes the same day.

Why is it so successful?

Churchgate sausages are a local, fresh and well-known brand in the area. Because there is so many flavours there is something for everyone. People really like to buy the local sausages in this area. In total I sell about £2,000 a week, from Churchgate Sausage Shop and two other brands.

Next we will be speaking to Paul Mather, of Sherston Sub Post Office, about Old Bakehouse bread and rolls.

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