There are more restrictions on us in Scotland when it comes to running alcohol promotions.

We can’t cross-promote alcohol with other products like crisps, or create meal deals that involve alcohol.

Because it’s quite restrictive, I turn to Facebook and PoS to market my alcohol promotions. Right now I’m finding Xtra Local and Batleys’ PoS really useful; it comes with shelf toppers and posters that I put up along the fridges. They promote offers on staple brands like Strongbow and Budweiser.

Although I make an effort to promote our alcohol offering, I think it all comes down to pricing in the area, which has become so competitive. The supermarkets are so cheap it’s hard to compete.

People take four-packs for convenience, but we’re not the first people they think of for their alcohol needs.

I use Facebook to post about our promotional offers, as well as pictures of our promotions fridge. The account reaches around 160 people, which is reasonable but not enough. I’m planning to expand that reach, as well as post more consistently by adding more regular content.

I don’t think our shoppers buy alcohol to sit in their house; they buy it for parties and social gatherings. I’ve noticed that customers don’t buy alcohol with food – they tend to buy one or the other.