We are proud to be launching our ‘Little Greens’ brand format in two stores.

Previously, we had a similar range regardless of store location, but it has become increasingly clear that the different areas have differing demands.

Little Greens is all about quality stores with a concise range and an extensive food-to-go focus to really take advantage of passing trade. It’s a challenge because when it comes to foodservice, we’re not on the same level as the big guys, players like Pret and Eat, who have finely tuned their offerings around these points.

One of the most important aspects with food to go is branding and I think symbols groups struggle to build brands consumers identify with. If you’re sitting with your friend on a lunch break, they’ll be Snapchatting or Instagramming their avocado & kale Caesar wrap from an artisanal local outfit, alongside a Starbucks coffee. Would our customers snapchat an unbranded sandwich with a £1 coffee?

Apple outlets aren’t called stores anymore. They are town squares, and we should bring the same excitement into convenience. It’s not just about a name change – it’s about the whole brand. The way your staff greet customers; how deals work in relation to your objectives, not just your margins; what PoS you use; what music you play and how you communicate to shoppers beyond the confines of your store.

Be bold and make sure every customer leaves with a clear image of what your brand stands for. When deciding look, atmosphere, ranging and process, consider what your customers and demographic want, and once you have a clear vision, shout about this in every part of your store.

When we’re up and running we’ll be looking for all the usual metrics we use to measure success, but we’ll also be looking for signs we are changing our image, such as how many people upload pictures of our coffee and food to Instagram and how people interact with us online.

Read more by Harris Aslam