In the latest issue of Retail Express, more retailers share their top tips and practical advice on how to make more money this summer.

Vrinder Singh, Premier Singhs, Sheffield

Vrinder Singh“We’ve got a promotional end bay with protein shakes, powders and bars. A lot of people are going to the gym to get ready for their holidays and we are offering a free training session with a personal trainer we’ve done a deal with.

“We were lucky enough to meet some of the England team and get some signed shirts, which we’ll be giving away. We’ll have a lot of social media activity around that. That side is growing and growing for us.

“We’ll be supporting Team GB for the Olympics too. It’s in Brazil, so we’ll be looking at Brazilian things, such as Brazilian beer on offer. It’s going to be a busy summer.”

Sunita KanjiSunita Kanji, Family Shopper, Little Hulton, Greater Manchester


“One thing we’re introducing this summer, trialling for Family Shopper, is a loyalty card. We’ve just got to decide how we’re going to do it before we roll it out fully.

“We’ve got cheap toys on sale, footballs and things like that, which go really well for us.

“We’ve got our barbecue stuff out and we’ve had a few great days. We’ve seen soft drinks and beer starting to sell more and that’s not even during the weekends.

“We already run competitions in-store and we’ll be doing more around the football this summer. We’ll have competitions about who’s going to win the football and people can win a case of beer.”

Gary BilbroughGary Bilbrough, Nisa Local, Toddington, Bedfordshire

“The Euros will be really good for us, especially for alcohol sales. The first game is midweek, but the weekends will do better, and the longer England stay in, the better we’ll do.

“We will be looking at the deals on offer from suppliers and I’m sure there will be some from Nisa too. We’ll have competitions to predict the score on the day of the England games, with anyone who gets it right getting a voucher.

“Aside from making the most of sport, we’re looking at having a bit of a refit this summer, with a coffee machine and more food to go.”

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