We pride ourselves on being a campaigning newspaper – whether it’s for our illicit tobacco campaign Smoke Them Out, which has generated more than 200 anonymous tip-offs since it launched at the end of 2014, or Save Our Sundays, which succesfully pushed back against changes to Sunday trading laws. 

We are devoted to not just uncovering news, but championing the interests of the convenience sector.

This issue’s front page story is no different. It describes how female store owners are often underrepresented and treated unfairly by industry colleagues. The retailers we have spoken to have outlined a range of issues that will damage the industry as a whole if left unresolved.

We need to make ourselves open to all talent to ensure that we are in the strongest position as we continue through a period of huge change and upheaval. 

Retail Express is saying it is time to speak up. We will share your stories, continue shining a spotlight on great female talent and encourage symbol groups to promote female retailers more. 

Let us know about the challenges you face by calling us anonymously on 020 7689 3371.