I am a member of the Partners for Growth retailer advisory panel along with 4 other great convenience store operators. One of the things that we all do is to test the planogram advice that P4G offers because between us the stores that we own include many different sizes of store.

For me the best planograms have the flexibility to take account of where I trade and what my customers buy. Each of my family’s three stores in Sheffield are different and for me a one solution fits all approach doesn’t work. Working with Unilever and other like-minded manufacturers means that we are getting the best advice available to manage the way we run each category.

Planograms are an important store discipline and most customers are used to going to shops that operate with this type display control. All the supermarkets manage their stores this way and it is fair to say that most people use these shops. For the multiple stores there is little local input into what goes where. Independent store owners need to borrow this level of control, but also need to add their own character to this.

Planograms for me is the disciple that ensures that we put the right products on our shelves in the right place to maximise our sales potential. If you are unsure where to start investigate the betterRetailing Retailer Resources section where you will find useful planograms from many national manufacturers. If you need further support why not give any of these companies a phone call.