Stuart Mitchell, Costcutter, Newburgh, Aberdeenshire

Ingram’s Bacon – Ingram’s, Aberdeenshire

Where did you discover it?

Long before I opened my store in Newburgh 12 years ago, I knew about Ingram’s pork, because I already lived in the village and they were established in 1994. Their farm is only two miles away from my shop so, in terms of counting as a local supplier, they’re the real deal. They have an excellent reputation for the quality of their meat. They sell their sausages, bacon, gammon steaks, burgers, and any other pork products you can think of, at farmers markets in Aberdeenshire.

Who buys it?

Ingram’s bacon is popular with customers of all ages. Newburgh is a small village of just 300 houses. The people who live here are fairly affluent so they want good bacon and are prepared to pay for it. I sell 200g for £3.60. With bacon, you really do get what you pay for, and Ingram’s sells as well as the cheap stuff. I love and recommend it.   

Why is it successful?

It comes down to quality. It’s the attention to detail that makes it flavoursome and you can tell they’ve worked to produce something exceptional which, again, is why customers will pay for it. Ingram’s are great to work with and, being local, it’s very simple to do business: I just phone them up, ask for more meat and they usually deliver it the same day. That’s handy, as I do sell a lot of it.