Local authorities have been slammed for mismanagement of shopping areas in two newly released independent reports commissioned by High Streets Minister Jake Berry.

Timpsons founder John Timpson, who led the High Street Report, stated there are ‘twice as many shops as needed’, while another report, High Street 2030: Achieving Change, said many locations ‘have no leadership at all’, have  ‘dysfunctional’ models and meet changes with ‘apathy’.

The report looked into why some areas are maintaining or increasing footfall levels despite overall national decline. It found strong local leadership, local knowledge, better communication
between retailers, councils and other parties, and more input from young people were the factors that routinely made for successful and sustainable retailing.

NFRN national president Mike Mitchelson said: “Empowering local leaders and retailers is key to turning our deserted high streets into community hubs. 

“Our members will welcome all opportunities to work closely with local authorities. Together, we can design practical solutions that work for customers and shop owners.”

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