retailer, christine, christine-hopeSo with two back to back four day bank holiday weekends, I have been delighted not only with local but tourist trade too and life seems just too good to be true. I know trade will dip and peak again later in May but right now I am a very happy bee.

However hard you work and try and improve customer service in a village environment they always need something extra outside of customer service. Last week a customer was in tears as a dear friend had passed away. I consoled her for about 20 minutes as we talked about her friend and how grief affects people differently. She was particularly upset she had not made time to go and see her life long friend who passed away.

Four days later the lady came back and asked if I would type some words for her to send in a card to her friend’s relatives, as her writing was too big for the card. I was happy to do this. Sometimes you shouldn’t be too busy to miss out on what really matters.