Yesterday, Sunday trading laws in England and Wales were suspended for the first time for the duration of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

  • Sainsbury’s said it would extend Sunday trading hours in 30 of its supermarkets during the Games
  • Waitrose plan to open the majority of its shops for an additional two trading hours each Sunday
  • More than 160 Morrisons stores are set to stay open later, a spokeswoman for the chain said.

The government said that allowing shops over 280 sq metres in size to open longer on a Sunday would help retailers generate tens of millions of pounds in increased profits during London 2012.

But the Association of Convenience Stores says the big supermarkets will lure customers away from smaller shops, costing them millions in lost sales.

How did you find the first weekend of the temporary legislation?

What measures have you taken to face the extra competition?