Attending this year’s ACS Summit, I heard from a great set of speakers. The challenges of operating in the convenience channel in 2016 including the National Living Wage, food deflation and the concerns around the EU referendum were talked about.

However, most of the day was about growing successful businesses, from Wawa to My Local. There were lessons to learn throughout the day and here are my highlights.

Chris Gheysens, CEO of US convenience store chain Wawa spoke of the importance of colleagues and community. He described his role and that of his senior team as developing a vision for the future and making the jobs of the store teams easier. How do you see the future of your business and can you simplify how your store operates?

Patrick Sewell, retail managing director at Sewells Food on the go said he sets two WIGs – 'Wildly Important Goals' each year to keep his business moving forward.

Henry Dimbleby, co-owner at Leon said that as the Government’s healthy eating strategy progresses in order to combat the huge cost of diet related illnesses to the NHS, Convenience Store Food-to-Go offers will need to evolve too. It is likely there will be more people cooking from fresh and stores need to stay ahead of the market.

Jonathan James, owner of JCR said grab the opportunities that come your way or someone else will. He grew his business from one store to 110 stores last year.

Mike Greene, CEO of My Local said that you can’t fix one big problem that will give you a 1000% improvement, so copy Dave Brailsford’s formula for success and find 1000 small issues that will each give you a 1% improvement in how your business performs.