Kraft, Rosenfeld, helathy foodsHow do you know what people will want to buy next? Time magazine asked Kraft boss Irene Rosenfeld in the spring but only published the answer this week.

“One of the best ways is by studying restaurant menus,” she replied. “That’s typically a leading indicator of what consumers are eating.”

As a local shop operator, you need to be aware of two things: what local restaurants are selling and what the next big things will be. This can help guide which parts of your store you promote and which promoted products you select.

A second question was what do you see America eating more of? Her answer split in two. Snacking is where the greatest growth is – both in quick-meal products and confectionery. “I think that is indicative of the fact that people continue to be on the go and are looking for quick treats”.

But she remains on-message by adding that lower-sugar, lower-fat versions of Kraft’s products are “experiencing very attractive growth rates”.

As a local shop operator, you can be sure that quick meal solutions and snacks are product lines that shoppers want. But you will also need to have some better-for-you alternatives on display!

Are people trading up? “Not yet,” was her reply. Shoppers around the world are looking for a deal!