arnold-schwarzenegger-successSix rules of success:

  1. Trust yourself
  2. Break the rules
  3. Don’t be afraid to fail
  4. Don’t listen to naysayers
  5. Work your butt off
  6. Give something back

These don’t come from a management textbook or business speaker. They are the rules that drove Arnold Schwarzenegger from being an Austrian army dropout to Mr Universe, a Hollywood megastar and the 38th Governor of California.

I tell you this because Jayesh Parekh, this week’s profiled retailer, shares many common traits with Mr Schwarzenegger.

When we met recently, Jayesh told me a brilliant story about his family’s second shop in Bolton. Despite having a weekly turnover of just £5,000, Jayesh saw its potential. He approached a number of symbol groups, but was knocked back each time. He eventually convinced Premier of its potential and quickly tripled sales to £15,000.

Looking to grow further, Jayesh switched groups to become the UK’s first KwikSave store. With a focus on quality goods at low prices combined with clever marketing, Jayesh’s son Bhavesh soon saw weekly sales rocket to £28,000. But the family isn’t stopping there and has plans to grow sales to £40,000 a week by the end of the year.

When you consider Jayesh came to the UK in 1979 with little English and cleaned garages before he was able to open his first shop, this is even more impressive. But it shows the power of having a belief in your goals, even when everyone tells you they aren’t possible, and leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of them.