IAA Stars 2021 Rising Star: Premier Morley, Morley

Premier Morley 001

“I’ve wanted to benchmark since we participated in the Academy in Action in 2019. During that visit, my eyes were really opened that we had to step it up. The benchmarking tools are there to help us and we weren’t doing that much before that we should have been.

“We implemented a marketing strategy for online, which included digital video, getting staff involved, which was a result of benchmarking. How we review our products has also changed. We now do a monthly review and installing the cocktail bar and other innovations is because of benchmarking and the IAA. 

“If you want your store to hit the next level, then you’ll need the IAA’s help. The benchmarking system, and seeing what others are doing, has all been a massive support for retailers. The IAA is how you’ll improve and become better.”

“All businessess should take part in the IAA, there’s always something new to learn and innovations to share”


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