Ferhan Ashiq

2019 Category Star

Ferhan Ashiq, Day-Today Redburn Road, Prestonpans

Ferhan has completely changed his store’s layout, moving from four aisles to two, but hasn’t rested on his laurels, reviewing the layout three times since the refit. He has focussed on making the store a local destination by highlighting premium spirits, positioning the Indian display at the front, and adding a deli counter and dessert bar resulting in 12% year-on-year growth.

Finalists in this category were:

  • Ferhan Ashiq, Day-Today Redburn Road, Prestonpans
  • Justin Whittaker, MJ’s Premier Store Oldham, Greater Manchester
  • Naresh Gajri, One Stop Cranhill, Glasgow
  • Ahmed Amin, Premier Value Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne

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