IAA Stars 2019: Retail Innovation – in association with Upfield

Trudy Davies

2019 Category Star

Trudy Davies, Woosnam & Davies News, Llanidloes

Trudy has made national issues work at a local level. In addition to encouraging customers to buy items in their own containers to reduce plastic, she has created Bags of Confidence, a scheme which tackles period and hygiene poverty. Trudy collects donations and puts them in bags in toilets at the local school, which has been so successful it’s now being rolled out across Powys.

Finalists in this category were:

  • Ferhan Ashiq, Day-Today Redburn Road, Prestonpans
  • Dhanesh Amin, One Stop, Coventry
  • Anita Nye, Premier Eldred Drive Stores, Orpington
  • Trudy Davies, Woosnam & Davies News, Llanidloes

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