Category Star 2017: Dave Hiscutt, Londis Westham Road, Weymouth

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Dave has a genuine desire to further his staff’s knowledge, his strategic approach focuses not just on developing the team but in finding individuals’ strengths and helping them to develop careers which benefit both them and the business.

Staff retention is fundamental to his strategy and he has a clear development structure, using the IAA toolkit to improve how he approaches it.

Staff have clear job descriptions and career development paths which has led to one staff member becoming a social media manager and another becoming a manager of another shop within the group.


·       Terry Caton, Londis Chatsworth Road & Post Office, Chesterfield

·       Dave Hiscutt, Londis Westham Road, Weymouth

·       Jacqui Dales, London Road Bakery (Spar), Boston

·       Joga & Aman Uppal, One Stop Mount Nod, Coventry