Category Star 2017: Keith Tomes, Costcutter & The Food Shop, Swanage

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Keith follows category insight to increase sales by using planograms and ensuring that fast selling items are always at eye-level. He has introduced a promotional bay which is rotated on a three-week cycle. Leaflets promote his offers, resulting in a 25% sales uplift.

Keith also invested in a meat-packing machine so the shop can sell fresh meat when their in-house butcher is closed. His store took it a step further by sub-retailing the meat to two local campsites and creating a £20 meat-for-a-week deal to encourage a larger spend.


·       Keith Tomes, Costcutter & The Food Shop, Swanage

·       Alpesh & Bimal Patel, Londis Ferme Park Road, London

·       Jai & Mandeep Singh, MJ’s Go Local Extra, Sheffield

·       Narinder Kaur, Narinder’s Convenience Store (Premier), Huddersfield