Category Star 2017: Joga & Aman Uppal, One Stop Mount Nod, Coventry

In association with Hi! Street Digital Media

Joga and Aman have demonstrated a strong strategy which uses a mix of traditional and new techniques to market their shop. They make use of tools, like those that One Stop provide, but take it a step further by trying new concepts including adding Amazon Lockers to get their shop listed on Amazon and get access to a new and large potential audience. Joga and Aman are not afraid to try new techniques, testing and dropping those that don’t work and adapting the successful ones to get better results.


·       Ian Handley, Handley’s Go Local, Sandiway

·       Dave Hiscutt, Londis Westham Road, Weymouth

·       Joga & Aman Uppal, One Stop Mount Nod, Coventry

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