Category Star 2017: Paul & Gail Mather, Sherston Post Office & Stores, Sherston

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Paul & Gail are passionate about availability. To stay on top of their stock, they have added more gap checks as they’ve grown. Now, they check ten times a day to ensure shelves are stocked and shoppable.

Staff are also allocated their own sections to ensure availability. This also means that they can take pride and ownership in their respective areas. 

Here are a few more secrets to their success: Paul & Gail have backup suppliers on hand, use historic data to make decisions on ordering and think on their feet on the rare occasions when there’s a problem. 

Paul & Gail recognise great work regularly and give out “attention to detail” awards to create competition among staff, drive high standards and ensure full availability.


·       Shaelender Goel, One Stop Gospel Lane & Post Office, Birmingham

·       Harj Gill, Select & Save The Windmill, Birmingham

·       Paul & Gail Mather, Sherston Post Office & Stores, Sherston

·       Anish Panchmatia, Spar Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield